Conquer that Math (or Science) Final!

Finals are here, and there’s a whole bunch of subjects to conquer. Check out last year’s post on how to “Lower Finals Stress” for some good studying tips. For this post, however, my students’ most challenging classes are their math and science classes… and the most challenging problems are the word problems. Thus, this postContinue reading “Conquer that Math (or Science) Final!”

The End is Nigh…

The end of the semester and school year, that is! With just a handful of weeks left, how can your student have a successful end of the year? What can be done to help your student’s focus? There are projects, essays, and tests… So much work to do, how can your student tackle it all?Continue reading “The End is Nigh…”

Get started on that project!

Spring Break is in a couple weeks (if you aren’t on it already), and that means a couple more tests and probably a project due. Check out my previous posts if you’re stressing about tests. Preparing for tests and studying effectively for them are important things to know. So is understanding how to take testsContinue reading “Get started on that project!”

Time to take some tests!

This past month, I have seen some hectic studying and some haphazard practice test-taking! There’s a lot of stress in the air, and it’s understandable. Students are worried about their state and national tests, as well as their regular class tests. All the questions I’ve received these past two months have been about studying for–andContinue reading “Time to take some tests!”

How to Decrease Stress during Studying

As I spoke about in my last blog post, state and standardized testing is upon us! Many students are busy preparing and studying (or maybe not studying…) for these tests, and they are stressing out because they still have their regular tests to worry about! There are so many tests; how is a student supposedContinue reading “How to Decrease Stress during Studying”

Preparing for big tests!

If your high school student hasn’t started yet, it is definitely time to prepare for the upcoming statewide and nationwide tests! The beginning of March has students facing the CA High School Exit Exam (or CAHSEE, for short) and the SAT. Within a couple more months, students have the ACT and the AP tests. EveryContinue reading “Preparing for big tests!”

Why coding?

What is all this “coding” that people are talking about, and why is it important? There have been several articles recently about coding. It is important. It is accessible. It is empowering. In December, many important role models in the tech industry (Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, to name a couple) stepped up to promoteContinue reading “Why coding?”

How to Help with Writing Homework

(image courtesy Differentiation Station) “How do I get started on this paper?” “My teacher wants me to write HOW MANY pages?!” Writing is the second-most frustrating task that students have. (The first is anything math-related. Check out “How to Help with Math Homework.”) Writing takes a lot of practice, and that practice takes time. ItContinue reading “How to Help with Writing Homework”