Why coding?

What is all this “coding” that people are talking about, and why is it important? There have been several articles recently about coding. It is important. It is accessible. It is empowering. In December, many important role models in the tech industry (Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, to name a couple) stepped up to promoteContinue reading “Why coding?”

How to Help with Writing Homework

(image courtesy Differentiation Station) “How do I get started on this paper?” “My teacher wants me to write HOW MANY pages?!” Writing is the second-most frustrating task that students have. (The first is anything math-related. Check out “How to Help with Math Homework.”) Writing takes a lot of practice, and that practice takes time. ItContinue reading “How to Help with Writing Homework”

How to Help with Reading Homework

It’s a given that every student has reading homework. No matter what grade level, from kindergarten through college (and even work!), every student has to read. That’s pretty much the foremost point of school, right? Learning how to read! So how can we help our students with their reading homework? Having your student do homeworkContinue reading “How to Help with Reading Homework”

How to Help with Homework (in general)

In the quest to help our students become better scholars, there are a lot of preparatory things to do. We have to make sure they have the supplies they need to do their work. We have to provide a good study space. However, when our students need help with homework, what are some things weContinue reading “How to Help with Homework (in general)”

Give them resources to use!

“This is going to be the best year ever!” “I’m going to do better this year.” School is back in full swing, and almost everyone is optimistic about how the semester and school year are going to go. Students are doing a great job of staying on task so far. A few of them evenContinue reading “Give them resources to use!”

Encouraging your student's success

As stated in my last post, school is back! Many parents and guardians are scrambling to make sure their students are ready. After buying supplies and preparing for school schedules, what else can you do to help the students in your life? 1) Take advantage of school programs. In the last few years, several schoolsContinue reading “Encouraging your student's success”

Prepare for BACK TO SCHOOL!

“Back to school already?!” my students have asked incredulously. Yes, indeed it is. Stores are already promoting sales on clothes and school supplies. What are some ways to help every student in your household prepare for “back to school”? 1) The most important thing you can do for your student is to provide an encouragingContinue reading “Prepare for BACK TO SCHOOL!”

Tackle summer reading assignments!

“zzzzz…BORING!” my students tell me. Even though students received their summer reading assignments weeks ago, no one’s started yet. If your student is one of these, now’s the time to start! Many English classes assign books to read over the summer, in an attempt for classes to “jump right in” when school starts. Summer readingContinue reading “Tackle summer reading assignments!”

Make the most of Summer

Finals are over, seniors are graduating, and school is out! (or almost out!) I know that everyone just wants to take a breather right now, so go ahead. Deep breath! *inhale, exhale* It’s time to relax, right? Yes, take the time to relax. Give your students a week break to do what they want, whetherContinue reading “Make the most of Summer”

Improve your student's vocabulary, Part II

Normal.dotm 0 0 1 71 405 In A Day Development 3 1 497 12.0 0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false As students progress through each school year, their vocabulary should be improving and growing. Increasing our vocabulary is ideal, no matter what field or career. Remember that a good vocabularyContinue reading “Improve your student's vocabulary, Part II”