Conquer that Math (or Science) Final!

Finals are here, and there’s a whole bunch of subjects to conquer. Check out last year’s post on how to “Lower Finals Stress” for some good studying tips. For this post, however, my students’ most challenging classes are their math and science classes… and the most challenging problems are the word problems. Thus, this postContinue reading “Conquer that Math (or Science) Final!”

The End is Nigh…

The end of the semester and school year, that is! With just a handful of weeks left, how can your student have a successful end of the year? What can be done to help your student’s focus? There are projects, essays, and tests… So much work to do, how can your student tackle it all?Continue reading “The End is Nigh…”

Lower Finals stress

“Just a few more days!!!” Students’ excitement can be contagious. However, until school is actually out, there are still finals, projects, and essays to complete–not to mention one more SAT and ACT in June. Students are so stressed, and they need to reduce their anxiety. If your term is already finished, congratulations on making itContinue reading “Lower Finals stress”

Last things to do to raise your grade

It’s the home stretch! There are only 2-5 weeks left of school, depending on your school. Hopefully your grade is where you want it to be, but if it’s not, what can you do? As I recommend all school year, studying and doing well in school is a process that begins long before any actualContinue reading “Last things to do to raise your grade”

Finish the term strongly!

Welcome back from Spring Break, everyone! Depending on the school, there are now 8-10 weeks left of school. That might sound like a lot (it’s two months!), but it really isn’t a lot at all. Younger students have state projects, mission projects, and CSTs. Older students have “big name” teststhese last two months–more CSTs (STARContinue reading “Finish the term strongly!”

Helping students become better scholars, Part II

Now that the second semester has started for everyone, what can we do to have a good semester? Many students (and parents) start the semester with good intentions, but things tend to unravel anyway. Unfortunately, no one seems to notice until report cards (progress reports, Open House night, etc.) arrive, about 4-6 weeks into theContinue reading “Helping students become better scholars, Part II”

Helping students become better scholars

It’s report card time! How do we have a strong finish to the semester? How do you get your student to study? What can you do to help your student focus better? Many parents don’t know how to help students improve their grades. As an experienced tutor and education consultant, I encounter many parents frustratedContinue reading “Helping students become better scholars”

Progress Reports are coming!

It’s October, and you know what that means! Wait, do you know what that means? Many students and parents don’t seem to notice October creeping up on them. All schools are about to send out progress reports (aka report cards, depending on your school). Do you know what your student’s grades are? If not, why?Continue reading “Progress Reports are coming!”