Conquer that Math (or Science) Final!

Finals are here, and there’s a whole bunch of subjects to conquer. Check out last year’s post on how to “Lower Finals Stress” for some good studying tips. For this post, however, my students’ most challenging classes are their math and science classes… and the most challenging problems are the word problems. Thus, this postContinue reading “Conquer that Math (or Science) Final!”

Why coding?

What is all this “coding” that people are talking about, and why is it important? There have been several articles recently about coding. It is important. It is accessible. It is empowering. In December, many important role models in the tech industry (Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, to name a couple) stepped up to promoteContinue reading “Why coding?”

How to Help with Science Homework

( In my last post, I talked about some general tips on how to help with homework. Now, let’s look at ways to help specifically with science lessons. Consistent practice will build a good foundation for students and homework, which will lead to lifelong learning and creating! 1) Discuss the class lessons with your student.Continue reading “How to Help with Science Homework”

How to Help with Homework (in general)

In the quest to help our students become better scholars, there are a lot of preparatory things to do. We have to make sure they have the supplies they need to do their work. We have to provide a good study space. However, when our students need help with homework, what are some things weContinue reading “How to Help with Homework (in general)”

Make Creativity a Part of Your Lives

Helping our students become better scholars isn’t just about helping with homework or passing a class. It’s also about helping them learn how to understand the world and how to be better problem solvers. A great scholar is someone who understands different techniques and when to use them. Those who succeed are ones who haveContinue reading “Make Creativity a Part of Your Lives”

Give them resources to use!

“This is going to be the best year ever!” “I’m going to do better this year.” School is back in full swing, and almost everyone is optimistic about how the semester and school year are going to go. Students are doing a great job of staying on task so far. A few of them evenContinue reading “Give them resources to use!”