The End is Nigh…

The end of the semester and school year, that is! With just a handful of weeks left, how can your student have a successful end of the year? What can be done to help your student’s focus? There are projects, essays, and tests… So much work to do, how can your student tackle it all?Continue reading “The End is Nigh…”

Time to take some tests!

This past month, I have seen some hectic studying and some haphazard practice test-taking! There’s a lot of stress in the air, and it’s understandable. Students are worried about their state and national tests, as well as their regular class tests. All the questions I’ve received these past two months have been about studying for–andContinue reading “Time to take some tests!”

How to Decrease Stress during Studying

As I spoke about in my last blog post, state and standardized testing is upon us! Many students are busy preparing and studying (or maybe not studying…) for these tests, and they are stressing out because they still have their regular tests to worry about! There are so many tests; how is a student supposedContinue reading “How to Decrease Stress during Studying”

Lower Finals stress

“Just a few more days!!!” Students’ excitement can be contagious. However, until school is actually out, there are still finals, projects, and essays to complete–not to mention one more SAT and ACT in June. Students are so stressed, and they need to reduce their anxiety. If your term is already finished, congratulations on making itContinue reading “Lower Finals stress”

How to Form a Study Group

Studying by yourself can be… frustrating… boring… and other choice words my students have used. Unfortunately, frustration and boredom are bound to happen sooner or later, because studying is usually a lone task. How can students overcome that hump and finish the term strongly? One way is to find a study group! …but where? andContinue reading “How to Form a Study Group”

Finish the term strongly!

Welcome back from Spring Break, everyone! Depending on the school, there are now 8-10 weeks left of school. That might sound like a lot (it’s two months!), but it really isn’t a lot at all. Younger students have state projects, mission projects, and CSTs. Older students have “big name” teststhese last two months–more CSTs (STARContinue reading “Finish the term strongly!”

Overcome procrastination!

“There’s not enough time!” Deadlines loom, and students are freaking out.School Finals are here, and teachers are giving big tests and assigning projects. “There’s just too much to do!” Why don’t students have enough time? It’s not that there isn’t enough time; it’s that the time isn’t being used efficiently. Many people, especially students, sufferContinue reading “Overcome procrastination!”

Ten Tips to Help Overcome Test Anxiety

“I don’t test well.” “Tests freak me out.” “The test made me forget everything.” As noted before, all of my students have test anxiety. From straight-A students to straight-C students to almost-straight-F students, no one likes tests. Everyone freaks out. Another one of my students recently asked about how to deal with test anxiety, andContinue reading “Ten Tips to Help Overcome Test Anxiety”

Do you have test anxiety?

If you answered yes, then you might be one of my students! All of my students have test anxiety. From straight-A students to straight-C students to almost-straight-F students, everyone worries about tests. I won’t go into the reasons in this post. One of my students recently asked what she could do about it, and soContinue reading “Do you have test anxiety?”